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Territorial and Maritime Dispute (Nicaragua v. Colombia) 

Press Release 2007/30  

 13 December 2007

Territorial and Maritime Dispute (Nicaragua v. Colombia)
Preliminary Objections
The Court finds that the 1928 Treaty between Colombia and Nicaragua settled the matter of sovereignty over the islands of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, that there is no extant legal dispute between the Parties on that question, and that the Court thus cannot have jurisdiction over the question; the Court further finds that it has jurisdiction to adjudicate upon the dispute concerning sovereignty over the other maritime features claimed by the Parties and upon the dispute concerning the maritime delimitation between the Parties


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13/12/2007Reading of the Operative Paragraph of the Judgment (the Court's findings and vote) by H.E. Judge Rosalyn Higgins, President of the International Court of Justice. (Original sound) IFSAudiovisual - Courtesy of the ICJ. All rights reserved. 4 Kb