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Media Services

A. Coverage of hearings and sittings

A.1. Accreditation

Media representatives are required to register in advance by filling out the online accreditation form on the Court's website. To find out the date of the public sitting, please consult the calendar.

A.2. Parking

No parking is allowed in the Peace Palace grounds apart from satellite vehicles. Media wishing to park satellite vehicles are requested to fill in the appropriate fields in the online accreditation form. All other vehicles should be parked in the neighbouring streets (most of which are metered).

A.3. Access to the Courtroom

Owing to the limited number of seats available in the Great Hall of Justice, priority access is given to representatives of the States that are parties to the case, and members of the diplomatic corps. Journalists are invited to follow the sittings of the Court live from the Press Room.

A.4. Still photography and filming in the Courtroom

Photographers and camera crews are permitted to enter the Great Hall for a few minutes (usually from 9.30 to 10.05 a.m. and from 2.30 to 3.05 p.m.) at the start of certain sittings: on these occasions, they will be escorted by ICJ Staff and must keep to the right side of the room.

A.5. Press room

A press room with the following facilities is located on the ground floor of the Peace Palace (Room 5):

  • Seating for approximately 30 persons;
  • Live transmission of hearings/sittings in French and English on a large screen;
  • Internet: shared Wi Fi and Ethernet access with limited upload capacity (reporters are invited to use their own mobile networks, or their own Ethernet cables)
  • TV outputs (16/9 ratio): HD-SDI (PAL) + SD-SDI (PAL) + SD-analogic (PAL) + SD-analogic (NTSC). SDI outputs include 3 embedded audio channels (Original/French/English). Other video outputs can be combined with our XLR audio outputs;
  • Audio outputs: XLR outputs
  • Refreshments: the Peace Palace Cafeteria (Refectorium) is open from 8.30 a.m. to 14.30 p.m. on days that the Court is holding hearings and sittings

A.6. Satellite trucks (SNG vans)

The Palace is not equipped with a generator to supply power to satellite trucks. There is a field patch by means of which crews can hook up to the Court's audio-visual system (image ratio 16/9) which offers multiple outputs (1080i HD-SDI (PAL) + SD-SDI (PAL) + SD-analogic (PAL) + SD-analogic (NTSC) ; our SDI outputs include 3 embedded audio channels (Original/French/English). Other video outputs can be combined with our XLR audio outputs). This field patch is located to the right side of the building (just outside the Great Hall of Justice). Media organizations should ensure that they have an adequate supply of power and cabling. The media's attention is drawn to the fact that the layout of the site (size of the Palace, presence of trees, limited number of spots) sometimes creates problems in the transmission of satellite beams (especially southward). A diagram of the premises is available from the Information Department upon request. Attention: the Palace premises open 1 hour before (and close 1 hour after) each daily session.

A.7. TV stand-up positions and Interviews of Parties

Television crews wishing to erect stand-up positions on the Palace premises are required to obtain prior approval from the Information Department, which can provide technical assistance. Representatives of States or organizations involved in proceedings before the Court do sometimes agree to speak to the press after hearings and sittings. Journalists are kindly requested to conduct such interviews, either in the Palace entry hall or on the entrance steps. Please avoid obstructing the way of delegations and members of the public. No interviews are to be conducted in the Great Hall of Justice. Attention: the Palace premises open 1 hour before (and close 1 hour after) each daily session.

B. Requests for interviews (Judges and Registrar)

The President, Members of the Court and the Registrar occasionally grant interviews concerning the history of the ICJ, the way it operates or their specific duties. They never comment on pending cases. All requests for interviews should be submitted by e-mail to the Information Department ( setting out the main questions to be asked. Staff members of the Information Department are not authorized to grant interviews, but can provide journalists with general information on the work of the Court.

C. Information Department (contact details)

Mr. Andrey Poskakukhin, First Secretary of the Court, Head of Department (+31 (0)70 302 2336)
Mr. Boris Heim, Information Officer (+31 (0)70 302 2337)
Ms Joanne Moore, Associate Information Officer (+31 (0)70 302 2394)
Ms Genoveva Madurga, Administrative Assistant (+31 (0)70 302 2396)
E mail:
Address: Peace Palace, Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ, The Hague, The Netherlands