International Court of Justice

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Press Room

The Court’s Information Department is there to assist the media wishing to cover the Court’s activities.

Press releases

The Department issues press releases on all developments in cases before the Court, and on other events concerning it such as official visits.

Press releases are posted on this website. They can also be received by e-mail (by signing up to our mailing list ) or by fax (fax requests to +31 (0)70 302 2338).

Facilities for the media

The Information Department can brief journalists looking for information on proceedings before the Court ( click here). It can answer questions from the press by phone or e-mail and provide journalists with information packs on the Court, with photos and video footage.

All requests for interviews with the President, Members of the Court or the Registrar must be submitted to the Information Department.

Media representatives wishing to cover scheduled hearings must comply with the accreditation procedure outlined on this website. A press room and various other facilities are provided for accredited media representatives.