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Armed Activities on the Territory of the Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo v. Uganda)

  • Order of 21 October 1999
    Decision regarding content of written proceedings; fixing of time-limits: Memorial and Counter-Memorial
     PDF 163.3 Kb
    • Order of 1 July 2000
      Request for the Indication of Provisional Measures
       PDF 2.2 Mb
    • Order of 29 November 2001
      Finding on Counter-claims; fixing of time-limits: Reply and Rejoinder
       PDF 2.5 Mb
      • Declaration by Judge ad hoc Verhoeven (translation)
         PDF 187.3 Kb
    • Order of 7 November 2002
      Extension of time-limit: Rejoinder
       PDF 180.8 Kb
      • Order of 29 January 2003
        Decision regarding submission of additional pleading on Counter-claims; fixing of time-limit
         PDF 258.4 Kb
        • Order of 1 July 2015
          Fixing of time-limit: Memorials on the question of reparations
           PDF 101 Kb