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Obligations concerning Negotiations relating to Cessation of the Nuclear Arms Race and to Nuclear Disarmament (Marshall Islands v. United Kingdom)

    Latest developments in the case
  • 23/06/2015 - Press Release 2015/16 - Fixing of the time-limit for the filing by the Republic of the Marshall Islands of a written statement on the preliminary objections raised by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  PDF 144.9 Kb
  • 19/06/2015 - Order - Fixing of time-limit: written statement of observations and submissions on preliminary objections   PDF 25.1 Kb
  • 19/06/2014 - Press Release 2014/21 - Fixing of time-limits for the filing of initial pleadings  PDF 143.7 Kb
  • 16/06/2014 - Order - Fixing of time-limits: Memorial and Counter-Memorial   PDF 75.5 Kb